The Seduction: Laura and Garrett


I brushed by him as he was sitting in a booth at McDonald’s. I turned around and said “Excuse me, I’m so sorry”. He smiled at me and I continued on my way. I couldn’t help but notice how handsome he was in a rugged kind of way. Even though I am married, I can still look, right?

NSFW: The SeductionAs I walked towards my car in the parking lot, he came up behind me.

“I couldn’t help but notice the mjolnir around your neck. I have the same one.”

I stopped dead in my tracks and looked, gosh he was gorgeous. “Small world isn’t it?”

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Life is too Short to be too Serious


Are writers allowed to be happy and joyous or are they always so serious?

I’ve been reading a lot of Author sites lately and Wow! No offense but some are just totally serious all the time! I don’t want my site to be so humdrum; so bla bla snore; so I decided to let my inner goofy, happy-go-lucky self shine on my site as well.

beach happy

Did Ya Know?

That I’ve been blogging since about 2010? I started as a pet blogger when I rescued my first “pit bull”. Titan is actually an American Bulldog/Mastiff mix but everyone says he looks “pit”; you know, big head, big chest. Then I tried a few more blogs that really didn’t take off and I just trashed them, although the experience was rather good for me.

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At the Wink of Her Eye


At the Wink of an EyeAnd just like that, at the wink of her eye he was hers.

He couldn’t explain what the attraction was other than her raving beauty; her spunky character; and her southern drawl that had every guy in the bar buying her drinks just to hear her say “Thank ya sir!”

Her flirty behavior was a tad annoying as she was flirting with every man and woman at the bar and the actions were being reciprocating.

Where did this southern belle come from?

Was she cruising through town on travel or would she be making herself at home in Jessup for a bit?

He had to find out more!

As the night wore on, she continued to dance, drink, and strike up conversations with everyone in the bar. How could he possibly get her to himself? What was it going to take to pull this maiden away from her flock of oglers?

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